The Lost & Found Orchestra

What hit me hardest is its sheer poetry.
But nobody could miss the entertainment value here, and its world premiere on Saturday night was greeted with a full-throated ovation.
The Financial Times

The score is highly accomplished, moving from moments of intense drama and slapstick comedy to breath-taking poignancy.
Full of surprises, this symphony of unexplored sound is a triumph on every level.
The Argus

A celebration of energy, rhythm and inventiveness.
A sprawling, exhilarating event...it's already unmissable.
The Independent

You might be reminded of Philip Glass and Michael Nyman, of early Art of Noise, Tom Waits or even Björk at her most bonkers. Lost and Found Orchestra is its own thing, though. It might be all sound and energetic frenzy, signifying little, but it's the opposite of rubbish - and, after such a triumphant try-out, we haven't heard the last of it.
The Daily Telegraph

Stupendous, is the best word to describe the opening concert of the Brighton Festival.
Cresswell participates as well as conducts the ensemble, ending with a tremendous climax which had a packed concert hall on its feet...a sheer delight.
The Stage

It is exhilarating and strangely beautiful... unpretentious, infectious and great fun.
The Guardian